Never far behind, BSN is following the recent trend of supplement companies launching their own single ingredient supplements. Buying glutamine or other single ingredients by themselves is a great way to enhance a pre-, post-, or intra-workout shake.

Glutamine Benefits

Almost everyone buys glutamine for its ability to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.[1] However, glutamine actually has a few other uses as well. One of the most important is the role it plays in keeping the immune system healthy.BSN Glutamine DNA

Another overlooked benefit of glutamine is its potential to improve protein synthesis by sparing leucine and fighting against muscle breakdown.

Price and Availability

Most online retailers are selling a 60 serving container of Glutamine DNA $17.99 Like the other single ingredients products in the DNA Series line, this is also unflavored so it can be easily added to any beverage.

What’s more, it’s not actually a bad value at its current price, as it breaks down to about 30 cents a serving.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Glutamine DNA is an inexpensive way to get some extra glutamine into your supplements and help boost muscle growth and recovery.

Somayeh Namdar Tajari, Mona Rezaee, Naghme Gheidi Assessment of the effect of L-glutamine supplementation on DOMS Br J Sports Med 2010;44:i43 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2010.078725.143

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