Blackstone Labs are aiming for the bushes with the release of their new supplement Ostapure. This is a single ingredient product formula which features 10 mg of the SARM ostarine per serving.

What Is a SARM?

SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. Thanks to their unique structure, these compounds are designed to produce effects similar to those from taking anabolic steroids without the harsh side effects associated with taking steroids.

Is Ostarine Effective?

Researchers conducted a 12-week double-blind placebo-controlled phase II clinical trial with 120 healthy elderly men and postmenopausal women. The subjects taking 3 mg of ostarine experienced a 3.08 lb increase in lean body mass, as well as a reduction in body fat.[1]

Ostarine research, however, is still very preliminary. As far as side effects go, the subjects in the study experienced a slight decrease in testosterone levels. It’s impossible to say for certain what side effects, if any, will come from taking a 10 mg dosage or higher.

When Will Osatpure Be Available?

Blackstone Labs have updated their Facebook page to say this will be available in December. So be sure to check back in the next couple of months for more updates and a complete review once it’s finally released.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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  1. Dan

    I ran this is trained sarm when Blackstone labs was still producing it and a made crazy gains at 2 capsules per day. Wish they still made it


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