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Amino products are a dime a dozen, but a new product line from the company BlackMarket looks like it may be something special.

Amino Bulk and Amino Cuts aren’t simply amino acid sources; they’re designed to aid athletes in their bulking and cutting cycles.

I was especially excited to see Amino Cuts because it provides support for those of us trying to cut weight without losing muscle.

The Ingredients

BlackMarket hasn’t yet released the full ingredient list for Amino Cuts. All we know about what it contains is a line from their website:

“Amino Cuts is a 2 in 1 Product with 6 grams of premium 2:1:1 Aminos combined with industry leading fat burners L-Carnitine, Advantra Z, and Capismax.”

Without the ingredient doses, we can’t fully evaluate Amino Cuts, but it looks promising!

BCAAs are the foundation for muscle growth and maintenance. 6 grams is an average amount for a supplement, and the 2:1:1 ratio has become the industry standard and is very effective. [1]

Carnitine is an amino acid used for its fat-loss properties. It increases the rate at which lipids are converted to energy. [2]

Advantra Z is a patented form of the bitter orange extract. It has also been shown to increase fat breakdown. [3]

Capsimax is a specially-designed blend of capsicum, the compound that makes peppers spicy. Capsicum increases metabolism, boosting fat-loss ability and energy. [4]

While taking straight capsicum can cause pain and intestinal discomfort, Capsimax uses a controlled-release coating to eliminate negative effects.

How Much Does It Cost?

The BlackMarket store has Amino Cuts listed for $59.99, which seems high for an amino product. Unfortunately, without the bottle size we can’t know if that is a good price or not.

Buying directly from the manufacturer is almost always the most expensive option. I expect that Amino Cuts will be available for a better price from third-party retailers when it’s released.

The release date for Amino Cuts is April 13, less than a week away. Hopefully BlackMarket can make that deadline so we can try it!

I’ll keep you updated as soon as more information is released about Amino Cuts.


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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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