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Is your “fat burner” not delivering the kind of results you’ve expected? Well, if you are tired of sub-par results then it’s time you found a fat loss supplement that will optimize your metabolism, annihilate your body fat and help you get more toned – just in time for summer.

One of the most popular fat burners, one that has been getting lots of praise over the past years across the internet is a fat burner called Abidexin.

In this review let’s take a close look at Abidexin, it’s ingredients, clinical support behind these ingredients and see if it is a fat burner that will help you shed that annoying extra weight.

What is Abidexin?

Abidexin was developed to be the world’s strongest and most effective fat burner. In order to do this they needed to develop a fat loss supplement that was backed by clinical proof and would produce visible results – fast! Since there are just so many fat loss supplements available, Abidexin will only be as good as its ingredients.

Abidexin’s Ingredients – Are They Backed By Science?

Compared to some other fat burners out there, Abidexin’s ingredient profile is really quite simple. It contains 5 ingredients. Yep, only 5! Sometimes the best weight loss supplements are the simplest. Abidexin contains a blend of Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Coffee Bean Extract, GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea, Irvingia Gabonensis and Coenzyme Q10.

What I like about Abidexin is that they disclose the exact amount of each ingredient. You know what you are getting and this goes a long way in telling us whether Abidexin’s ingredients will truly help you lose weight. Let’s look a little more at these ingredients and see if we can find any research that supports weight loss.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine Anhydrous is simply a form of caffeine that contains less water. Normal caffeine contains roughly 8.5% water while caffeine anhydrous contains 0.5% water. It is used in supplements because it is an effective fat burner. A study performed in 1995 showed that caffeine helped the body boost its metabolic rate and increase energy expenditure [1]. This allows your body to burn more calories and unwanted fat. There has also been a few studies that indicates use as a pre-workout supplement may lead to increased upper body strength [2, 3, 4].

Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acid) A Green Coffee Bean is a coffee bean that hasn’t been roasted. In 2006 a study was performed on Svetol®, a patented Green Coffee Bean Extract. The primary weight loss compound in Green Coffee Bean Extract is Chlorogenic Acid. There have been tons of studies done on the weight loss effect of green coffee bean extract’s weight loss properties.

Even Dr.Oz has is studying this amazing weight loss ingredient. Fifty subjects between 19 and 75 years of age, demonstrated Svetol®’s Slimming Action thanks to its “fat-burning” effect. Over the course of 60 days, two groups of volunteers, all with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 25, were observed. The first group was given 400 mg of Svetol® daily, while the second group received a placebo. After 60 days of supplementation, participants who received Svetol® had lost 5.7% of their initial weight, for an average weight loss of 5 kg or 11 lbs [5].

You can learn more about Green Coffee Bean Extract by reading our in-depth review here.

GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea – GreenSelect® Phytosome™ Green Tea is a standardized, caffeine-free green tea extract complexed with soy phospholipids for enhanced bioavailability and efficacy.

In a recent clinical study one hundred overweight patients were treated with 150 mg of Greenselect® Phytosome® twice daily (300 mg/day). Parameters such as body weight, body mass index, waistline, total cholesterol, basal glycemia and total triglycerides have been measured at the beginning, after 45 days and after 90 days (end of the study). The average weight loss was of 13.22 pounds in the diet only group and 30.9 pounds in the treated group. Accordingly, relevant results have been reported in terms of body mass index, waistline and blood parameters. Greenselect® Phytosome® provides clinically demonstrated support in weight management [6].

Irvingia Gabonensis – Irvingia Gabonensis, or African Mango Extract, is a high-quality extract from the seeds of a mango-like fruit that grows on the tropical Irvingia gabonensis tree. This is a very popular supplement that was made popular by Dr. Oz (The Dr.Oz Show) – you’ve heard of him right?? Anyways, African Mango is getting tons of good press. That’s mainly because of this amazing study:

In a 10 week study, published in 2009 in the journal, Lipids in Health and Disease, 102 healthy overweight men and women were followed for 10 weeks. People were split into either a placebo group or a group that received 350 mg of Irvingia gabonensis. The Irvingia gabonensis was supplied by Gateway Health Alliances Inc (Fairfield CA).

The results of this study were pretty amazing! Those getting Irvingia Gabonensis (IGOB131) lost 28 pounds vs. about 1 pound for those getting the placebo [7].

Coenzyme Q10 This coenzyme is clinically suggested to help support heart and cardiovascular function, and CoQ10 is noted for being vital to the production of energy as food is processed. When it comes to weight loss, Coenzyme Q10 provides energy to improve the effectiveness of exercise as it increases oxygen utilization and fat metabolism. Researchers have found that combining Coenzyme Q10 with regular aerobic exercise significantly increases fat release compared with just exercise alone [8].

Abidexin – My Final Thoughts

Abidexin is a weight loss supplement with an incredibly simple formula. I like it when manufacturers make it simple and say “here are the ingredients, here’s how much is in each serving, and here’s the science proving that it will help you lose weight”. Abidexin lays its cards out on the table. If you are looking for a fat loss supplement that contains clinically proven ingredients, contains ZERO banned substances and is safe, then I would look at Abidexin.

This is one man’s opinion. What really matters is how well it works for all of you. Please use our form below to share what your experiences have been with Abidexin. Please include other product(s) you have used, side effects, benefits, dosage, and let us all know if you think Abidexin is a good value or not.


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