Prime Nutrition has ostensibly launched a brand new supplement category with their new Intra-MD, a product which features something they’re calling a “peri-workout” formula. The prefix peri means about or around, meaning you can probably take Intra-MD anytime around your workout.

Part of the new Platinum Series, Prime Nutrition is now up to an impressive four different product lines including the Performance, Precision, and Female Series.

A Better Carboydrate

Intra MD
In addition to the essential amino acids to boost protein synthesis, Intra-MD is introducing a unique carbohydrate source known as a high branched cyclic dextrin.

Unlike dextrose and other simple sugars, high branched cyclic dextrins are high molecular weight polymers which are rapidly absorbed. This provides an immediate and sustained insulin release which helps keep the body anabolic and prevent muscle breakdown.

When Will Intra-MD Be Available?

Intra-MD is currently available for pre-order, and set to ship out on October 29th. We’ll have a complete review up for you here on SuppNation as soon as it ships, so be sure to check back soon.

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