Giant Sports is releasing a new mass gainer exclusively for the hardest of hardgainers called Muscle Maker. Like most new supplements, the details on a release date are still pretty fuzzy.

However, we do have an idea of what the final calorie and macronutrient totals are going to be. The final calorie count for two scoops is a whopping 1,361 calories.

Each scoop is a hearty 167.5g, with a full serving providing 51g of protein, 9g of fat (3.8g saturated), and a staggering 269g of carbohydrates (22g sugar, 7.5g fiber).

We’ll keep you updated here on SuppNation with everything you need to know about Muscle Maker, including a complete review as soon as it becomes available. For other Giant Sports reviews, you can check out their pre-workout Giant Pump here.

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