With the launch of the new Cutler Nutrition 100% Pure Muscle Mass, Jay Cutler’s supplement re-brand will finally be complete. As with the other supplements in the new Cutler Nutrition line, 100% Pure Muscle Mass has also gone through a reformulation and ingredient change.

As soon as it’s officially released we’ll have a complete review for you, but here’s what we know so far.

New Cutler Nutrition 100% Pure Muscle Mass Formula

There are definitely some interesting deviations from the original formula. I’d say the most noticeable one is the total amount of calories which have ostensibly been slashed in half.
The original Jay Cutler Elite Series formula boasted over 1300 calories per serving. The new Cutler Nutrition formula is going to have 635 calories per serving.
Cutler Nutrition 100 Pure Muscle Mas Reviews
Comparing the formulas, it wasn’t hard to identify the culprits responsible for the drastic calorie reduction as the carbohydrates.

The new Cutler Nutrition version of 100% Pure Muscle Mass has 102 g of carbohydrates total compared to the 265 g contained in its predecessor.

Getting Those Gainz

Depending on your goals and macronutrient needs, you may want to add milk, fruit, peanut butter and/or other types of food to increase the overall calories. Every 2 scoops has 50 grams of protein, and there are 13 servings in a 5.8 lb. container.


I was notified recently that the Cutler Nutrition 100% Pure Muscle Mass I bought was on backorder. I haven’t found an official release date, but a number of sources suggest it will be available mid-late June.

So as soon as it get here I’ll update with a complete review of taste and everything else you need to know before buying.

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