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You can’t throw a rock in a supplement store without hitting some type of creatine powder. With so many creatine products to choose from, I was interested to see if the new and reformulated Beast Creature Powder had anything to truly distinguish it from competitors.

This is pretty much a straightforward creatine product, with a few additional ingredients added to enhance absorption. We’ll go through and cover everything you need to know about the different types of creatine and whether Beast Creature Powder is the right kind of creatine for you.

Breakdown of Creatine In Creature Powder

Creatine benefits have already been written about ad-nauseam, so I won’t rehash them here. Suffice it to say, creatine will help you get stronger, have more endurance, and increase muscle mass. Now let’s get straight to the different types of creatine:

  • Crea-Tona- This is the newest addition to Beast Creature Powder. Crea-Trona is a buffered creatine form which only uses a 6% buffering agent and is 94% creatine.
  • Creapure- This is a patented form of creatine monohydrate which has virtually all of the impurities removed. This decreases the likelihood you will have to worry about gastrointestinal side effects such as bloating and cramping.
  • Creatine MagnaPower- This type of creatine boosts absorption and utilization through combining creatine and magnesium to form magnesium creatine chelate.
  • Creatine Alpha-Ketogluterate 2:1- This is another high quality creatine form which enhances absorption and delivery by combining creatine alpha ketogluterate  and creatine.
  • Creatine Anhydrous- Consists of creatine monohydrate with the water molecule removed, which provides extra creatine.

The new and reformulated Beast Creature Powder also boosts creatine absorption with Astragin and Cinnulin. These compounds assist with delivering creatine to muscle cells.

Testing Out Beast Creature Powder

Creatine has always had a subtle performance enhancing effect on me. I’ve never noticed a huge increase in strength, but if my creatine supplement is working I’m always able to get a few more reps and lift a little heavier.

That being said, I did notice a strength and endurance increase after a couple weeks of taking Creature Powder. But more importantly, these higher quality creatine forms are worth it. I didn’t have any cramping or bloating like I do from a regular monohydrate.

Taking 2 scoops is going to give you over 6 grams of quality creatine. I really enjoyed the cherry limeade flavor, but they also have an unflavored powder if you prefer to mix it with your protein shakes. As far as mixability goes, it didn’t dissolve completely, but I don’t know that I’ve ever had a supplement that mixed up completely.

Will Beast Creature Powder Send You Into BeastMode?

If you’re looking for a high quality creatine powder to try, I would definitely recommend Beast’s Creature Powder. The new reformulated version is a lot better thanks to the addition of the Astragin and Cinnulin.

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